Cheap Assholes Not Welcome

So, tonight I committed one of the seven deadly sins of serving, I let a table get to me. My restaurant will sometimes host live performances to bring in business on otherwise slow nights. I had the absolute pleasure of taking care of the parents & co. of one of the performers. These people were... Continue Reading →

How I Got Here

I hated my office job. Many people who go back to the service industry after working a 9-5 (Actually it was really more like 9-6 or 7 most nights) probably had a similar experience. Or maybe not. But either way it probably fucking sucked. When I had first gotten hired I was ecstatic. This was... Continue Reading →

I Am Just Happy To Be Here

Every time I greet one of co-workers with a “Hey! How are you today?” he’ll answer “Fantastic, I am just happy to be here” in his typical sarcastic tone. And then it hits me. I actually AM happy to be here. When I first told my friends I was getting back into the service industry... Continue Reading →

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