Cheap Assholes Not Welcome

So, tonight I committed one of the seven deadly sins of serving, I let a table get to me.

My restaurant will sometimes host live performances to bring in business on otherwise slow nights. I had the absolute pleasure of taking care of the parents & co. of one of the performers. These people were probably just pissed they had to come out and spend money to see yet another one of their daughter’s shitty performances. Ohhh, Did I just say that?

Honestly, they were a nightmare from the get go. They ordered everything at once and took FOREVER to decide just as the rush for the show was coming in. Like I literally asked you if you needed a minute 5 times. They answer is YES! You’re backing me up and it might affect my other tips bro… I only asked for the drink order… thank you very much. But of course I tried to be patient and took the entire order. They gave me their drinks, entrees, apps, asked for separate checks by couple, and then asked if one of the entrees could come out with the apps, in that order. Did all of that by memory, but wound up fucking up the french fries and sent the Queen of Sheba’s curly fries out with her husbands meal. She said it was fine. They ate a good majority of the apps, and everyone had eaten their entrees except for the two ladies who ordered the same sandwich (The meat was probably dry.) I checked on them several times and nothing was said. Finally at the end of the meal Miss Curly Fries approached the manager telling him how no one enjoyed their meal. Uhmmm Excuse Bitch! Who is you?

What irked me the most was the manager comped their entire bill. When majority of them had eaten good portions of their meals. These people were just being cheap assholes. The complaints were as follows:

1. It’s fucking french fries get over it.
2. No salt and pepper was on the table. Why does it matter that when I legit brought it to you 10 seconds after you asked. We don’t keep them on the tables here…
3. They just didn’t “enjoy” the food.

Well, we don’t “enjoy” your bullshit and please don’t ever come again. What? You think just because you’ve lived life means you’re exempt from paying for shit? GTFO.

I had planned on going home and getting my life together that night. But instead I wound up letting out my frustration by drinking FOR FREE- It’s an Industry thing, you just wouldn’t understand, “singing” The Real Slim Shady at karaoke and ending the night with hella blunts. Because… F U C K bitches, get money.

X.0 Industry Chick

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