Dear Shitty Tippers and Stiffers,

I feel it’s only right to kick-off this blog with a letter to the people who inspired it…

Dear Shitty Tippers and Stiffers,

First off let me start with a big FUCK YOU on behalf of every server who has ever taken care of you. You are the scum of the earth, please return to the hole that you crawled out of and never return to this restaurant.

For anyone who doesn’t know let me clarify that as a waitress I make $2 and some change an hour. I never see any of that because it all goes towards taxes, yet come tax season I will still owe at least a couple grand to the IRS. I do NOT get paid for my time. I confronted this woman one day about not tipping me, first she told me the service was horrible (It was not, I checked on you a couple times, refilled your sodas and brought you mayo when you asked for it.) Then she proceeds to tell me she doesn’t get tipped at her job either, and I came back and said well I don’t get paid just for being here. Ughhh what a cunt. Go sit your lazy fat ass back in your chair and get paid for doing nothing you bitch.

And for people who tip shitty on big bills, I like to think there is a special circle of hell reserved for you. When a check hits $100 that server is expecting nothing less than $20. Getting tipped poorly on big bills is like your boss saying: I’m sorry you’re not getting your full paycheck, because we feel your performance wasn’t up to par this week or You’re doing an awesome job and we really appreciate all your hard work but unfortunately we won’t be able to pay this week, it’s just not in the budget. And that is how getting a shitty tip feels.

When a server doesn’t get tipped properly YOU COST THEM MONEY. How you ask? Most restaurants have a tip out system BASED ON SALES. So that means everything your eat and drink counts towards what I’ll owe the bartenders, food runner and busser. So lets say I get tipped $5 on a $100 tab. I’ll owe the tip out $4 and get to keep $1. So now that’s like your boss saying: You’re taking a pay-cut but you actually owe us, so you can keep 1% of it.

Can you see how shitty tippers get my blood boiling? Tipping is not optional. Tipping is not a joke. Even if you don’t feel the service was great remember that people have off days, and we are working hard out here and deserve our 18-20%.

Re$pect the hu$tle okay?

X.O Industry Chick

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