How I Got Here

I hated my office job. Many people who go back to the service industry after working a 9-5 (Actually it was really more like 9-6 or 7 most nights) probably had a similar experience. Or maybe not. But either way it probably fucking sucked.

When I had first gotten hired I was ecstatic. This was it. My ticket out of the service industry. Granted I wasn’t necessarily excited about the company I was working for, but I liked the people, I’d have PTO and weekends off, and I could move on from there. Life was grand…EXCEPT: The salary I was offered was way way less than what I made serving, and at the time I wasn’t even hitting the pinnacle of what a server can make in Hoboken. There was no way I could pay my Hoboken rent, bills and car payments on $26,000 a year after taxes and still have money to eat (& more importantly drink.). I continued to serve on the weekends, so yeah scratch weekends off that list.

Just a couple months short of a year I got a raise and was finally able to take off the apron and have my weekends. But I STILL wasn’t happy and I STILL had to work on weekends sometimes. I felt like work became this 24/7 responsibility. To put that much of my time and energy into something I wasn’t passionate about was completely soul crushing.

Work became absolutely suffocating when new management came in. I won’t bore you with the details but in interview lingo “I wore many hats.” Probably too many hats. Things weren’t perfect, but they were a heck of a lot better since I had started. When the new Director came he hadn’t seen all the hard work I had put in, and we simply did not get along. He wanted me gone and made it clear.

Now it got to the point where I was crying in the bathroom every morning and begging my mom to help me out if I quit. I regret letting that bully get to me because he probably wanted me gone since day one and was definitely trying to get me to quit, he would blatantly ignore any emails I’d send or I’d get screamed at if I had any questions. Going to work everyday was breaking me down mentally, physically and worst of all emotionally.

When I knew I was going to get fired I cleaned my desk of everything that was mine on a Friday. I came in the following Monday, organized all my customer accounts, handed them over to another manager as I was instructed to do and was called in for a private talk with the Director. This was it. It felt so liberating. I was proud of my accomplishments and hard work I had put into that company, and I bare no ill feelings toward the company – except for that miserable man who put me down everyday for 6 months.

It was a beautiful sunny May afternoon and I was F R E E!.

Over the next 6 months I found myself again. Not having the responsibility of showing up everyday to a job you hate really does wonders for the soul. I looked for another 9-5 job, was offered a few but I couldn’t find one that matched my salary requirements. So when my unemployment ran out I threw my hands up and said “I guess I’ll go back to the service industry.”

And that my friends has made all the difference.

X.O. Industry Chick

PS: I just wanted to get a little preachy here and say this. If you are ever so unhappy with a job or a supervisor, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. A paycheck (Or a lucrative serving gig) is never worth your wellbeing. There are other jobs out there, I promise. If you really don’t want to leave than grow some balls and speak to your supervisor directly or someone above them to discuss the issues at hand. No one should have to go to work and feel uncomfortable.

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