I Am Just Happy To Be Here

Every time I greet one of co-workers with a “Hey! How are you today?” he’ll answer “Fantastic, I am just happy to be here” in his typical sarcastic tone. And then it hits me. I actually AM happy to be here.

When I first told my friends I was getting back into the service industry they sent their condolences. While many often think of the negatives that come with the job:

-Working on weekends

-Working late nights

-Relying and making a living off tips aka the kindness of strangers

-Handling dirty plates

-Dealing with rude customers

-No benefits/PTO/healthcare

-Physically and mentally demanding


All I was seeing was the positives:

– Walking out with CA$H moneyyyyyyy every night

-Making double what my salary was

– Easy but active and engaging work

– More time for myself and my hobbies

– A flexible schedule

– No limit on requests off

– Never having to worry or deal with work when I am not at work

– Leaving stress free

– Industry perks

So… yeah I am happy to fetching beers and burgers for hungry patrons or cleaning their tables because right now it works for me. On days that I have the right attitude, energy and mindset I get 20% or higher on majority of the bills. The kindness of strangers works for me. This is by far the most lucrative and rewarding job I have ever done.

For many the service industry is a transitory state. I am right there with ya! This blog is for all the people who are putting themselves through school. This blog is for all the people who are making a living while chasing their dreams, goals and passions. This blog is for all the people who are making the service industry and hospitality their career. This blog is for all the people who have worked in the industry before. And this blog is for all the people who don’t have a clue of what it’s like to spend a day waiting tables.

I respect your hu$tle, please respect mine.

X.O. Industry Chick


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